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FAQ's Welcome to Pacific Palm Marina Resort Fiji

Q: What am I buying?

You are purchasing freehold Land with a package with a choice of an executive hotel room, executive water bungalows, commercial properties, beach front mansion properties or lagoon properties. These properties will be managed by an internationally renowned hotel chain. The hotel chain will depend on the type of package an investor purchases. There is only approximately 8.2% of freehold land total in Fiji. Approximately 1% of this land is currently in use. Freehold land is the only land that does not have conditions on the number of years a purchaser owns the land and this land can be bought outright. You will then enter an agreement with Gillier Group to construct your mansion, lagoon property or bungalow etc. Your investment will also be fully furnished and you will receive 50% of the returns from the accommodation. Terms and conditions apply.

Q: Can I purchase in the name of my family trust or my company?

Yes. In the case of family trusts, the trustees themselves will have to sign the Sale Agreements and the power of attorney attached to the Sale Agreements and will be liable on behalf of the trust. While, for legal reasons, the name of the family trust itself cannot appear on the registered ownership documentation you will acquire, the trustees are perfectly entitled to themselves hold their ownership interest for trust purposes. In the case of a company, purchasers can choose either to establish a Fiji company to hold their investment, or to use an existing or new company established in some other country such as Australia or New Zealand. In either circumstance, certain Fiji statutory investment approvals must be obtained. Please enquire with Gillier Group for any assistance.

Q: Can I retire to my property?

A: Yes. However you will not receive any returns from your investment other than ownership of the land and property. Purchasers that are taking full advantage of the returns from accommodation have as a right usage entitlements to occupy their property only for up to 2 weeks per year. Occupation beyond the usage entitlement period is subject to availability and is essentially treated in the same way as any commercial booking. Pacific Palm is intended to operate as a resort, and accordingly the purchase of the property operates primarily as an investment, rather than one that provides personal occupation benefits to Owners as its main objective. Unfortunately Investors that purchase Hotel Rooms will not be able to live there.

Q: Can I let others use my property?

: Yes. Immediate family members, business associates and friends can be nominated by you to enjoy all or part of your usage entitlements. This must however be strictly on a non- commercial basis and you will not be allowed to derive any direct or indirect returns or benefits from this. All hotel and commercial accommodation rights are strictly reserved for Gillier Group and its appointed operators.

Q: What are the options for servicing my property when I am staying there and what will it cost?

A: Gillier Group intends to offer various servicing options to Owners staying at their property. These servicing options will be priced differently according to your chosen investment property,

Q: Are there any ongoing charges?

A: Yes. As with any property investment, ownership costs accrue. These will be rates and insurance costs. All costs, while legally payable by you, will be met by Gillier Group, from the share of Accommodation Revenue payable to you from your property.

Q: Do I need to refurbish my property?

: No, Refurbishment of your property is paid by Gillier Group. This normally does not occur with similar investments however Gillier Group has kindly included this in your package. Refurbishment generally will occur every 5 -10 years.

Q: Do I have any say in management?

Gillier Group would like to know if you feel that you have a query or an opinion on a particular subject to make the resort more advantageous for everyone. Other than this you will have no say in the management of the resort as a whole. All management rights are held by the hotel manager for your particular investment.

Q: What about wear and tear on my property?

Gillier Group is responsible for maintaining all properties to a high standard of quality and cleanliness. Gillier Group will establish a fixture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) reserve fund in its name to secure its maintenance obligations. The payments to such reserve fund will be made from the percentage of Accommodation Revenue retained by Gillier Group.

Q: What happens if a cyclone damages the resort?

Gillier Group, through its hotel operators will ensure that the resort, including Villas, mansions and lagoon properties are insured against damage caused by cyclones and similar risks that are associated with the operation of a resort of this nature. The costs of maintaining such insurance are payable as part of the ownership costs. Costs that are not covered by insurance, such as insurance deductibles and excesses and the cost of items that cannot be insured, will have to be met by the resort owners, including the Owners of Villas and Gillier Group. Full details of insurance cover will be available to purchasers.

Q: Can the resort be sold?

Individual Owners of Villas will be able to sell their Villas at any time after settlement, subject to the terms of the ownership agreement and the Management Agreement, and obtaining all necessary Fijian regulatory approvals. Under the agreement, the resort in total can also be sold on the agreement of the owner of the Core Hotel Facilities (Gillier Group) and the investors by way of a special resolution. Details of the circumstances and principles governing such sale are set out in the ownership agreement.

Q: Can I sell my property?

A: You may sell your property at anytime after settlement. This must be done exclusively with Gillier Group to ensure the prospect receives the same benefits and the resort is professionally managed.

Q: Do I receive a discount if I purchase a few properties?

A: If you were to purchase a considerable quantity of properties, a discount may be looked at. However all prices are fixed and Pacific Palm Resort has a goal of 2 years to sell all properties available. The opportunity will not last forever so it is in an investors best interest to purchase their chosen property as soon as possible rather than waiting for prices to drop, which will not occur.

Q: Why should I purchase more than one property if I am in a position to do so?

A: The investment is on freehold land with your chosen property, (excludes hotel rooms as an investor will not own the hotel site) the property will be fully furnished to 5 star standards and refurbished generally every 5-10 years. Landscaping and other features are also included. The returns an investor receives from their accommodation revenue are extremely high and in all cases barr a hotel room purchase, when an investor wishes to sell their property the land value is predicted to increase considerably every year. With these benefits in mind, would'nt it make sence to purchase a few properties?

Q: Can you tell me the two celebrities that have invested in Pacific Palm.

A: Both Celebrities have asked to remain undisclosed at this point in time. They may have purchased the investment option next to you, but we are not able to disclose this information until a later date. Pacific Palm Marina Resort has requested that both celebrities do a short advert and testimonial for Pacific Palm, this is still in careful consideration.

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